Wealth Management


Harnessing our global team of specialists to optimise each affluent client’s net worth.

Dedicated expertise, delivering Quantifiable Wealth Planning, Goals-based Investment Management, and Tax Efficiency


Integrated wealth solutions for the internationally mobile

Internationally mobile executives and directors, lawyers, bankers, and entrepreneurs have assets and business interests around the world — in fact, our clients are located in 19 countries.

The challenge for these wealthy individuals is to achieve integrated management of their investments and taxes over multiple jurisdictions and decades.

We solve this by delivering holistic, pedigree advice supported by 13 teams of over 100 specialists, including 70 investment professionals.

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Led by Philippa Huckle

Aria Forum evolved from Philippa Huckle Wealth Management. Philippa’s 20 year career includes thousands of meetings with successful, intelligent clients who entrust significant portions of their net worth to her care.

Philippa is an industry expert and frequent keynote speaker at events in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Australia. She is a published author and guest financial columnist in publications across the region.

Philippa is an international authority on Behavioural Finance and championed the integration of human psychology into the investment advisory process and the firm’s own methodology.



Global thinking. Dedicated expertise


Quantifiable Wealth Planning


Our proprietary wealth planning technology is a powerful decision-making tool that incorporates a client’s global assets and revenue streams. By plotting what-if scenarios, our clients are best-placed to make wise choices and timely decisions, optimising their lives and their whole net worth.

Goals-based Investment Management


Our goals-based investment approach changes the way financial advice is given and investment solutions are designed. Our framework helps you identify and achieve the goals that shape your life. With these at the centre of our advisory process, our world-renowned investment specialists tap proven expertise and institutional access to deliver.

Tax Efficiency


With unique expertise in UK and Australian tax planning, we partner with the highest quality tax professionals to provide a streamlined process from planning to execution, and from offshore to onshore.

Why our clients work with us

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Confidence and comprehension

We understand that our clients’ sense of safety and confidence depends on clear comprehension and informed decisions. That’s why we ensure that each client receives holistic, personalised advice, leaving each meeting with clear strategies and insights.

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Access to pedigree

While our clients are multi-millionaires in their own right, our professional relationships and networks bring access to levels of expertise that are otherwise only available to those with ultra-high net worth.

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A journey of innovative thinking

We have a proven record of integrating cutting-edge financial thinking in a practical and effective way. Our methodology, technology and style is designed to support your comprehension and thinking, optimise tax efficiency, and refine investment outcomes.


How we make it happen



Team leads


Service teams



Investment professionals



Our clients are highly accomplished, intelligent individuals who expect from us the same levels of quality and professionalism they demand from themselves.

Our modern, international approach seamlessly connects our web of global expertise from Hong Kong to London, or any of the five continents in which our clients now reside.

That’s why a specialist team is behind every element of our business. A forum of experts who live and breathe their subject, and for whom quality performance is personal.

Our goals-based investment approach leverages the expertise of Stenham Asset Management and Aurum Fund Management, multiple award-winning institutions with 140 years of accumulated investing experience.


Get in touch

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To request a discussion about your situation, please email us on confidential@ariaforum.com providing a phone number and suitable times when a call can be arranged for you with Philippa Huckle.

As our advisory services are highly personalised and for a specific clientele, we require an account opening minimum of USD 2 million.